Pricing History

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2021 Farm Verification Forms



Grower Agreement - For New Members Only!

  • If you are new to Autauga Quality Cotton Association, we need you to review and sign this agreement. This agreement will only need to be completed one time as compared to some of our other forms that must be completed yearly.  
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2021 Gin Consent Forms

  • This document is an authorization to withhold and remit funds, which are owed by the Seller. The Buyer shall not withhold or remit any funds to the Ginner to be applied to Seller’s account without proper completion and receipt of this document.
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2021 Direct Deposit Authorization Form

  • If you have a lien on your crop, you are required to get written permission from your lien holder to have your cotton proceeds direct deposited. (If proceeds are direct deposited, the lien holder will not be listed on the payment)
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